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i feel liek an awful person all the time now. i want it to stop more than anything. i wish it never started but i wasnt allowed a choice. life is like a meaningless cycle of doing the same things over and over. i want to feel like im living not just going through motions and such. blah
you want what to stop
Why do you feel like an awful person..
i used to feel like that... then i had this epiphany last year.. whatever is causing you to feel like that you should stop doing it, becaues it won't go away
When you talked about the Lens that you had on the Cinderella story, it made me think you were writing as if it were you.
i don't even remember what i said. what makes you think that?
since idk when you are on aim if ever
Not often, and only you seem to use your phone with AIM, and then Lita when I talked to her back when, she sent me a heart candy >> assuming it wasn't to mean anything..
idk if maybe she has aim set to only show online status to people in her buddy list..lol
Probably not. I should figure out how to do the background and pic ..
wut background/pic
Like yours is flowers and then Breloom, and Jordann's is...blue with ...orange petals? + Christmas Bulbx2/3 and Will's is GRR diagonally across the window and his picture is like a black dragon on green
oh the icon and stuff in aim lol
that stuff is always fun