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projects are going to rule my life for the next couple weeks along with finals. im at a loss with dalex. think i just wont say much
. william notices it too. i feel liek finding quotes i like and pasting them. ill do it in another entry. so i want to read eclispe for the lack of somethign better to do. Authors and professors get off white people they are not horrible. That article made me sooo mad in sociology. hello if your going to say the lion king is racist because the bad hyhenas have a black and mexican voice you CANNOT LEAVE OUT THE IMPORTANT FACT THAT SCAR the MAIN evil guy HAS A WHITE SOUNDING VOICE NOT A VOICE OF SOMEONE OF COLOR. jebus. that lady is gay. well ill go search for them...INSPIRATION. lol i love finding the most lame and halarious, and dramatic and ridiculous things to say in school papaers
I DONT WANT TO BE VALEDICTORIAN!!!!! speeches no me gusta


lion king makes me cry