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is WAYYYY better than twilight! yay finally
I just finished the 1st book in a couple days. it was decently good, but i chose not to like some of the main girl's sarcasm/questions/jokes because they got old and stupid sometimes. i know why women and girls fall in love with this book. even though hes a flippin vampire he puts everything on the line for his unconditional love, doesnt even think about anyone else, has an amazing obsession, perfectly takes up all the characteristics that any woman would desire and adds constant danger on top of it thus always needing protection living up to her demands so on and so fourth. it bothers me how the girl *bella* is always saying how perfect his beauty is, hes such a angel/god, etc..... i mean shouldnt she focus more on how he breaks and struggles like evryday just to be able to see her and make her happy/? idk.... i think that the main point is swell but it gets to unrealistic. it just does not portray the real human male;s capabilities minus the whole vampire thing. no reall guy would ever succeed thouroughly at meeting these ideals and thats why so many women like it. Its everything a woman could want but will never be able to have. im not fooled
so i heard this was something fun to do so i did. actually no one told me it was fun i decided to do it for absolutly no reason really. im werid. no one wants to know what goes on in my noggin. ha not head but noggin.